Frequently Asked Questions

What is stock photography, and why sell my photos there?

The need for photos is greater today than it has ever been before. And photo buyers all over the world, from major ad campaigns to glossy magazines, to local mom-and-pop shops and kids working on school project, all turn to stock photo agencies to find the photos they’re looking for.

Anyone with good photos can upload them into an agency (or multiple agencies) and then collect income any time someone uses their images. It’s great for beginners, because you don’t need any experience to start – and the best part is, you can do it from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

Why “Breakfast”?

One of the top stock photographers in the world, Lise Gagne, makes a very good living taking photos for stock. But in the beginning, her first goal was just to be able to make $20 a week. We liked that, so we figured – hey – let’s make it our first goal to be able to use our stock photo earnings to take ourselves out to breakfast every week. Of course, you can grow WAY beyond that goal... it all depends on how much you put into it!

How much can you make?

Stock photography is a time and volume game. The more quality photos you have up for sale in stock photo agencies, the more you can make. Some of our members do it very part-time, making about $100 a month. Others use the income to pay the mortgage... go to grad school... or even replace their entire income. How much you’ll make really depends on how far you want to take it!

Which agencies should I start with?

While there are at least a dozen stock agencies out there, not all of them pay off well. We like to recommend starting with:

Can I sell the same photos to multiple agencies?

Yes! As long as you don’t sign an exclusivity agreement with any one agency, you can sell your images in as many agencies as you want. You always retain copyright... and you can always take a photo out of your portfolio, too.

How do I start?

Start by signing up to a few agencies, and following their instructions to upload your photos! Or, you can grab our step-by-step guide to getting started when you try out membership here!