Five Reasons Why You Should Start Stock Photography

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The number one thing holding most people back from stock photo success is that they delay starting.

I get it. It’s easy to procrastinate trying something new, especially when you feel like you still have so much to learn.

But here’s the thing… the best time to start with stock photography is actually while you’re learning. Here’s why:

  • You can’t win if you don’t play. Seriously, stock is a time and numbers game. The more images you have in your portfolio, the more sales you will make. (And the sooner the better.) These images don’t need to be award winning, they just need to be useful for buyers.

    For example, here’s one of the very first images I ever uploaded to stock:

    It’s not one of my best images, and I’ve grown a lot as a photographer since then, but nonetheless it’s made a high number of sales, because it’s been up on my sites since the beginning.

  • You can use whatever gear you have. It does not take a big investment of equipment to get going with stock. Heck, you could even take photos with your cell phone if you don’t have a camera right now.
  • Stock will make you a better photographer. Since images need to be technically sound to get accepted as stock, you’ll learn really quickly about proper exposure, focus, light, white balance, etc. Rejections are part of the process and a fantastic way to learn.
  • There’s no pressure. Even if a photo gets rejected, you can just fix the problem or reshoot it and try submitting it again. That’s about as low-pressure as it gets.
  • It’s fun! You can make stock photography a part of your daily life, photographing your routines, hobbies, and adventures. From photographing kale chips in my kitchen to tango dancers in Argentina, I love making side income by simply living life and keeping my camera nearby, and you can too!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to get going with stock photography today! Your future self will thank you. I hear so many people say that they wish they had started sooner, so why not get going right away?

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