Five Ways to Spice Up Your Travel Photos


If you’re a regular reader, you know: Iconic photos sell. Yes, cultural icons and recognizable landmarks sell well as stock. But you can — and should — photograph them in creative ways. Set yourself apart. Add your own twist. Since our S&SPC Thailand Expedition is almost full, I’m starting to think about the travel stock photos I’d like to take over there. Whether or not you’re coming with us, before you embark on your next vacation, here are five simple ways to spice up your iconic travel photos:

Shoot from Above

The “from above” perspective is popular in magazines and on websites right now. Before you dig into your afternoon meal, stand up and get a shot from directly above. Try the same for crafts, games, and activities, too.

Crop Halfway

This Buddha statue is so iconic that you know exactly what it is without seeing the whole face. If you try this technique, make sure that the background is a nice, even color. In this case, the dark, even background helps the subject stand out.

Go for Monochrome

Try filling the entire frame with a pattern that’s made up of one or two colors. Notice how the shape and color of these succulents fill the frame, with nothing else distracting our eye.

Play with Foreground Blur

Our eye is immediately drawn to whatever is in focus in a photo. This photographer blurred out objects in the foreground to frame the one object that’s in focus behind them. This is a fun technique, especially when you have a repeating pattern, as we do with these statues.

Take Colors to the Edge

Look for colorful patterns and detail shots where you can get in close and crop out the edges…. leaving only the patterns, color, and just enough detail to retain an iconic quality. Keep these five little tricks in your pocket for your next trip, or try them on a photo walk near your home this weekend. What’s your favorite way to add your own “personal twist” to your photos? Tell us about it on the Breakfast StockClub Facebook Page.