Better Angles and an Easy Way to Shoot More Photos


No matter what you shoot, from pets to travels to food… it’s always important to take multiple shots from different angles and perspectives. To demonstrate, I tried it with the simplest object I could find: An orange. Here was my list of different perspectives to try:

  • Up high
  • Down low
  • Directly above
  • Directly below (through something transparent)
  • From the subject’s perspective
  • Far away, including the scene
  • Super up-close including only details

I didn’t do all of these, but as you’ll see below, I kind of “colored outside the lines” at the end.

Here are some of the photos I took, below, starting with the boring straight-on shot:

Down low, wide angle, including surroundings:

Super up-close:

From the orange’s perspective:

From directly above:

After peeling:

Totally playing with my food!


After all of that, the last shot is my favorite… which never would have happened, if I hadn’t been playing with all of the possibilities.

Not all of these are keepers, necessarily. But I had a LOT of fun doing this, and discovered a ton about my camera, my creativity, and all that you can do with an orange.

How many different photos can you take of the same subject? Give it a try at home, and share your five best shots on the Facebook page. I’ll post the best results here in the e-letter!

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