Make your life easier!


Since stock photography is something that most people do in their spare time, anything that streamlines the process is a win.

That’s why several stock photo agencies offer contributor apps designed to save you time and make it easy to upload shots right from your phone.

Why use an app? Most of them will let you:

  • Upload photos. With an app on your phone, the ability to submit photos is literally right at your fingertips. When it’s that easy, there’s no excuse not to snap some shots with your phone and submit them!

    I’ve done this and sold quite a few through the Shutterstock contributor app.

  • Check your sales from anywhere. You’ll have easy access to your accounts through agency apps. So you can see how much you’ve made this month and which photos are selling. You can also get sales notifications. Seeing the amount of each sale pop up on your phone can be a great confidence booster – if you don’t mind notifications.
  • Get inspiration on the go. If you install your stock agency’s app on your phone, it will be easy to check in and see which photos are selling and total earnings while also getting fresh motivation to continue shooting more stock photos. Many apps also offer creative briefs or a list of content that is currently in demand, which also offer a further nudge to get out and shoot!
  • Easily submit model releases. If you use the “Easy Release” app on your phone or tablet (available through the App Store or Google Play Store, and I highly.

Here’s a handy list of stock agency contributor apps:

Shutterstock for Apple and Android

Dreamstime for Apple and Android

Getty for Apple and Android

And then here are three that are specifically for phone photos:

Alamy’s Stockimo for Apple

Foap for Apple and Android

EyeEm for Apple and Android

If you don’t see your stock photo agency on the list, check with them directly to see if they offer a contributor app and take advantage of a time saving tool!