Space to dream in 2021


Merry Christmas!

I hope you’ve found a way to be safe, warm, and filled with joy this holiday season as we all “hang in there” for a few more months. Personally, I’m sipping eggnog and taking this quiet time to prepare for our new family member. Lots of painting and assembling going on over here. 

Starting next Friday, photographer Daniel Nahabedian will take over Snap & Sell Photo Club for the coming year.

He’s already got some great content lined up for you. I can’t wait to see what he teaches you about his unique editing style and his experience selling both stock and fine art photos online.

Great things coming!

Speaking of great things, let’s talk about what the coming year looks like for stock photography.

A few big themes to shoot right now include:

Diversity and inclusion – Black History Month is coming up in February, which means designers and photo buyers are starting to look for related images now. This is an important and popular theme all year, but especially right now. Look for ways to include African American and ethnically diverse people in your images – particularly in leadership and power roles.

Mental health – We’ve all been through a lot this year, and this theme is especially popular going into the New Year. Think about people meditating, doing yoga at home, talking to a counselor through the computer, going for a walk outside… and anything else related to mental health.

Physical health – With a New Year comes resolutions! And this year is no different. However, the way we’ll go about reaching our personal health goals looks a little different right now. Think about healthy eating… working out at home… and any other way to get off the couch and get “back in shape” without going to the gym.

Medical field – Of course, if you have access to the medical field, now’s your time to shine. Take photos of equipment, gear, syringes, people getting shots (BIG right now!), and whatever you can find that relates to the pandemic and upcoming vaccines!

Spring! – It may seem now’s the time to think about what you’d like to shoot this spring. And if you want, you can get an early start by staging a shoot in your kitchen with some purchased tulips or other flowers… or an Easter basket, jellybeans, and related décor. Have fun with it!

In 2021, spring may also be all about new beginnings. Heaven knows, we’re all looking forward to some!

And with that, here’s to a brighter year on the horizon. I hope you find some beautiful new beginnings of your own.

Best wishes from my family to you in 2021!