The photo technique that changes everything.


How are you doing these days?

No matter how you look at it, the world is pretty weird right now. We’re all kind of “stuck” in one way or another.

But I hope you’re not letting it hold you back.

One of the most powerful techniques in photography is finding a unique or unexpected point of view.

Shifting your perspective.

When everyone in the crowd is standing in front of a scene… holding their camera (or phone) up to their face… and snapping a quick shot (or selfie!)…

The savvy photographers are splayed out, belly to the ground… or hunting for reflections… or burying themselves in the bushes to include some foreground.

Basically doing ANYTHING but taking the same exact shot that everyone else will take.

Crazy folks, photographers.

But that’s what will set your images apart from the rest.

Almost all of my favorite photos that I’ve taken are the result of finding a different way of looking at things.

So, I’d like to put you up to a little challenge today…

Because a perspective shift is a powerful thing – and it extends way beyond photography.

If you’ve been struggling…
If the state of things is getting old…
If you just want to go to France and eat some cheese in a lavender field, already…

(Oops – maybe that’s just me?)Today, I challenge you to look at everything from a new angle.

What can you do right now to continue building toward your goals?

What can you photograph in your home? On your kitchen table? In your back yard? In your neighborhood?

How can you see something with new eyes and make it beautiful again?

Try it in your mind… and then try it with your camera. See what you get.

This is my challenge to you because good photography isn’t about learning your camera settings or nailing the rules of composition.

Really good photography happens with creative problem-solving and sticking with it.

You know… kinda like life.

P.S. This month’s S&SPC Challenge is all about photos you can take right at home. And, hey, you can do it while you’re tinkering around the house and making improvements, too! The topic? DIY – or “do it yourself.”