Weird year… but THIS is selling like crazy as stock!


Imagine the past few months without the technology that makes it possible to connect with friends and family from a distance.

From Zoom happy hours to virtual baby showers, we’re figuring it out and making it work.

And technology is what makes it all possible.

Including technology – and specifically people using it to stay in touch – will help you add timely photos to your portfolios…

And potentially increase your sales over the next few months.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when including technology in your stock shots:

  1. Start noticing. Before the pandemic, most of us used technology to a large degree in our daily lives. Now, we’re all getting used to doing even more things remotely, aided by our devices. Pay attention to these little moments and recreate them for your stock photo portfolios. Our small daily routines are where the stock photo gold lies.

  1. Be realistic. It’s all too easy to over-polish an image when you’re setting it up. For example, people use technology outdoors all the time… however, it’s usually an on-the-go experience. Your photos should reflect that reality.

    Notice how the photo below feels overly staged because all the picnic props are a little too perfectly placed? Not sure what this couple is doing with their laptop out there, either.

Compare that with this more realistic scene of someone using technology outside, in a very real way:

  1. Keep it human. When it comes down to it, it’s really not about the gadgets, but rather the human connections that the technology helps create. Be sure to emphasize this in your photos.

  1. Be strategic. Devices are full of logos and branding elements, so be sure to strategically hide those things when you shoot. There are many ways to do this. You can have your model cover a logo with their hand, angle the device away from your camera, block it with another object, or remove it in post processing.
  2. Shoot for timeless. Using outdated technology will make your photos way less likely to sell. Try to pick devices that are generic enough so that your photos will have some staying power.

With technology playing an ever more important role in staying connected, it’s the perfect time to create some stock photos that highlight this!