Keep it simple


Do you ever feel stuck and unsure of what to photograph for stock?

If so, you’re definitely not alone.

Running out of ideas or feeling uninspired can also end up leading to procrastination, which is never helpful for moving forward as a stock photographer.

What if I told you that the solution is to photograph less?

I don’t mean take less photos, I mean put less in your images.

A great exercise is to grab your camera and try to find the simplest subjects and scenes you can.

Sometimes we humans make things more complicated than they need to be. By intentionally looking for simple subjects that don’t require a bunch of preplanning or setup, you’ll be able to quickly add new photos to your collections.

And the best part? These are the types of photos that a ton of buyers want anyway.

So it’s really a win-win. You’ll be able to quickly and easily create some fresh content, find inspiration, and break the pattern of procrastination while creating content buyers are actively looking for.

Speaking of inspiration, let’s look at a few examples from currently trending categories on iStock. All of these photos rank as best-sellers within their genre:

Summer Vibes:



Food & Drink:


Health & Fitness:


Notice how all of these examples are very simple images with a clear subject? Many of them feature plenty of blank space for text as well. Buyers love these types of shots.

We all have opportunities in our day to day lives to take photos like these. No need to overthink it, just have your camera ready and keep it simple!


— Daniel