Can You Tell if this Photo is in Focus?


Take a look at the photo above, from our recent Photo Expedition in Thailand. Is it in focus?

The truth is, you can’t tell when you view it at this size. You have to look at it at 100% to know for sure. Here’s a section of the photo, blown up to 100%:

Nope, not in focus.

This is why it’s so important to always view your photos at 100% in your computer. Luckily, I have another photo of this woman that’s in better focus. And if I want to use it as editorial stock (remember, I’d need a model release for regular stock, but not for editorial), I would definitely pick the one that’s in focus over this one.

Focus is one issue that you can’t fix in processing. So it’s really important to know which of your photos are in good, sharp focus before you submit them for stock.

And the only way to do that is to view them at 100%.

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