VIDEO: How to Choose Your Best Photos for Stock

Tanzania Giraffes

People often ask which of their photos they should upload to agencies. So I made a video to show you how I choose which stock photos to submit, using photos from our Tanzania adventure.

And now… a promise.

You know how it goes. You make a to-do list full of good intentions and then life whooshes in and a year later and your list hasn’t budged.

These last two years I climbed a mountain, slept in a snow cave, got a tattoo, planned a bachelorette party, drove a camper across Iceland, hiked the Grand Canyon, hopped a row boat to Mexico, jumped around barefoot in front of the Eiffel Tower, learned pottery, walked on the Great Wall of China, got a fish pedicure, and… well… fell in love.

But I haven’t uploaded many stock photos.

So here is my *very public* promise: Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am (Pacific Time) I will start uploading the 70+ photos I have waiting. And I’ll see how far I can get in two hours.

Want to join me? I’ll be on the Snap & Sell Photo Club Facebook page chatting while I’m at it.

If you’re not sure how to upload to stock agencies, watch my video series that walks you through where to click and what to type to upload your photos to three different agencies, here.

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