VIDEO: How to Get Started with Stock Photography


March is here and Portland’s cherry trees are turning light pink!

We have FOUR weeks until April 1 – our first quarterly check-in on our yearly stock photography goals.

Let’s make this a power month and upload as much as we can. I’ll give you a little boost for your weekend in just a sec.

First, though, if you missed this Wednesday’s “Help! I don’t know how to start!” Stock Uploading webinar, you can watch it here:

I basically answered as many stock uploading questions as I could in an hour… and I collected a bunch more, too.

Here’s what I’ll do: Over the next few weeks, I’ll send you some past issues that answer the biggest stock questions I get, and lay out a few important steps for getting started.

In the meantime, I’ll take the rest of the questions I got and answer them in one big Facebook post on the Snap & Sell Photo Club Facebook Page this coming Monday. Feel free to ask follow-up questions there, too.

Ok, here’s your plan for this weekend. Reserve a few hours and pick up wherever you are in this list of steps. Buy yourself a really nice latte, put on some of your favorite music, and spend your reserved time on the current and next steps in this list:

Step 1: Sign up to a few stock agencies. Try: Bigstock, Fotolia, and Dreamstime.

Step 2: Read through the agency guidelines and tutorials.

Step 3: Pick out 10-50 of your images to submit, based on the agency guidelines.

Step 4: Sign in and start the uploading and keywording process.

Step 5: Research some photos that sell on your agencies. Do keyword searches for things you like to shoot and see what kinds of photos are selling.

Step 6: Go out in your hometown (or wherever you are) and take some new photos.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 4 through 6.

Even if all you can spare is an hour in the morning or at night with a glass of wine, chip away at the above list. Keep moving forward. Every inch you move is progress!

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