A Trick For Easier People Photos


Taking photos of people can be awkward. Usually, it’s because — even if your photo subject is a good friend — they simply don’t know what to do when you point a camera at them.

This is totally normal! As photographers, it’s our job to help people feel at ease, and give them some direction.

Not sure what to do? Grab a friend, head to a café, library, or their kitchen table. Then, hand them a phone, tablet, or laptop, and tell them to pretend to talk, surf, Skype, take photos, or work.

We’re all on our devices so often these days, that it comes naturally… AND it’s a much-needed stock photo subject, too. Works like a charm.

Take a look at a few recent photos I took that are now selling on Shutterstock:

As you can see, this works with groups of people, too.

Really, the trick with taking any “lifestyle” images of people – that is, photos in which people look like they’re out “living their lives” – is to get them to DO something. Grab a friend who likes to bike, hike, or walk their dog. Head out with a friend for happy hour and taste wine… take a cooking class and photograph the knife skills and sautéing… there’s so much you can do.

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