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Last week, I asked you to find any photo subject and “work the shot” by taking as many different photos of it as you can, then share what you got on the Snap & Sell Photo Club Facebook page.

The idea of this exercise is to change up your angle and perspective each time.

Usually, when I do this, my favorite photos are the last few I take.

Reader Michelle O’Doherty tried it with fresh figs and shared her results. Here’s what she got:


I love these! Though I have to say my favorite is the last one.

I love how the soft light is coming in from the side, skimming across the fig’s skin and really showing the texture in the red seeds. Also, the arrangement of three objects is pleasing to the eye and the shallow depth of field, with soft focus in the background really works here!

Also notice: There’s nothing distracting to take our eye away from the main subject.

Very well done, Michelle! I hope you’ll submit a few of these as stock.

Reader Stephen Carminati also shared this photo:

He said:

“While not able to do the requested assignment per se, I did have to change up my original ‘perspective’ when going for a particular sunset photo.

“Due to time constraints, I was not able to get to the spot that I originally intended and was a bit annoyed, frustrated and dejectedly headed home until I looked down on the ground and suddenly got an idea. So, in the hope of meeting at least the spirit of the assignment, I humbly present, The Sky Above, The Mud Below. Thanks for humoring an old knucklehead. ;)”

Well, heck, Stephen! Turns out it was a great idea to look down and shoot the sunset through the mud. This is a great lesson to all of us, too… sometimes, when what you went for isn’t possible… something just as good or better is right there under your nose.

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