How To Get The Shot- And Increase Your Stock Photography Portfolios


Our first round of Snap & Sell Photo Club’s Summer Sprints Photography Challenge has finished up. Get ready – Round 2 starts this week!

I really enjoyed seeing the images that were submitted for the group photo review! Several of them really captured some interesting and powerful moments.

This month’s Challenge theme is “Active Lifestyle,” so it’s the perfect time to practice capturing moments with movement.

Whenever your subject is in motion, it can be tricky to freeze that movement at just the right point. However, if you can nail the timing, you’ll come away with some fantastic shots for your stock photo portfolios!

These images, submitted by Snap & Sell Photo Club Premium Members, all stood out for their dynamic, “in the moment” feeling.

Of course there is also an art to capturing moments of stillness, and these types of photos can also make a strong impact on the viewer, as in these images:

Whether you’re going for action sports or showing quieter, more contemplative activities through your lens, here are some tips for capturing the moment that you can use for round 2 in the week ahead…

  • Observe and Anticipate. If you’re dealing with a busy scene, it’s always a good idea to take a bit of time to watch and wait for the action to unfold, being ready to click the shutter button when it does. Figure out which way your subjects are moving and where the best vantage point is likely to be.
  • Use Burst Mode. Check and see if your camera has a “continuous drive” or “burst” shooting mode in which it will fire off multiple shots in a row while you hold down the shutter button. This can increase your odds of getting the perfect shot.
  • Use a Telephoto Lens. Sometimes isolating your subject with a longer lens can really help to simplify your composition. Remember, simple sells when it comes to stock photography!
  • Show Up. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting out there with your camera. Even if you don’t feel entirely confident in your photography skills yet, the most important thing is to dig out your camera and shoot anyway!

Round 2 of our Active Lifestyle Summer Sprint starts now, so put these tips to use and get out there to shoot another 100 photos for this theme!


  • I need to find a new camera that will work well but not break the bank. What do you suggest?
    Right now I just have my iphone 7+.

    • You’ll have to be patient with this method. Choose the DSLR camera that you would like if you could afford it. Remember you’ll need a lens, and a good beginners lens is something that zooms from 18 to 55 or thereabouts.
      Once you have chosen the exact camera model, and the exact lens model you want to visit
      As they say “Auction Sniper, eBay Sniper and eBay Misspelling – Find the cheapest products with our eBay misspellings search. Don’t worry about the ebay bidding process again – Goofbid”
      What that means is that you can put in any model number that you like, and Goofbid will look for eBay offers with spelling mistakes. If the camera is the XGY2345 and they type in XFY2345 because F is the key next to G, they will get no visitors – apart from you. If you are lucky, or patient, the vendor will have placed the starting bid far too low to get a bidding war. They have to accept the highest bid, which will be your bid if you are the only bidder. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars, buying camera equipment for less than half price.
      Next comes the eBay Sniper. Many people will wait until the last minute or two before placing their bid in the hopes that it will avoid a bidding war. The Sniper will place your bid a second or two before the close of the auction. The only way you can miss out is if another bidder is also using a sniper. You have to tell the software what is your highest bid. A bidding war between snipers can last a few thousandths of a second before hitting the end stop for your highest bid.
      What happens if you lose? Patience! Wait until another chance for a bargain.


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