Got A Rejected Photo? Send It To Me!

Rejected Photo

Have you ever had a photo rejected from a stock agency?

Rejections happen to everyone. But sometimes it’s hard to know why a certain photo didn’t make the cut.

So, let’s try something…

Send me one photo you’ve had rejected from a stock photo agency and I’ll do my best to figure out why. I’ll offer tips and ideas for improvement so you can fix it or reshoot it.

Email ONE photo that has been rejected from a stock agency to: by Wednesday, December 4. If the stock agency gave you a rejection reason, copy and paste it into your email message as well.

Try to send the image full-size. And again, please limit it to ONE image per person.

Note: This is not a frequently-checked email address.

Photo rejections can sting… but they’re still one of the best ways to learn and improve your photo skills. So, check back next week and we’ll turn them into something we can all learn from together.

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