Video: Lightroom editing demo

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Since the editing video I made for you was a huge hit, and I have a LOT of great reader photos to pull from, I went ahead and made another one.

Some of the most common edits that photos need to be stock-ready are fairly simple:

• Bringing back the blue in a washed-out sky
• Enhancing the detail in bright or shadow areas
• Enhancing color and texture

Even great photos can almost always be improved to look amazing. The idea isn’t to make your photo look fake… but to bring it back to how it looked to your eye when you first took it.

See how I did that with some of yours, here:

You should know how to do this, because it will increase your photo sales. It will also make you love your photos more than before. And you will suddenly look like a real pro.

It doesn’t have to be hard! Make it fun and easy with my Lightroom Mastery program.

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