What NOT to include in your holiday photos

Cheerful family toasting with red wine during Christmas dinner or lunch.

Happy Holidays! I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re in one of the yummiest times of the year.

Holiday dinners and get togethers are not only delicious, they are filled with opportunities to create some winning stock photos. But there’s one big thing to watch out for… logos!

Having logos in your shot is a no-go for stock photography. For example, the image below can’t be sold as stock because the label on the wine bottle is readable when you blow it up to 100%.

The good news is that logos are pretty easy to avoid, as long as you catch it when you’re shooting. In the case above, simply turning the wine bottle or having the model cover the label with his hand could have worked.

That’s what the photographer of this next image did. Notice how the wine bottle is strategically positioned (and blurred a bit in the background) to avoid any readable text on the label.

Take a moment to scan your scene before you start photographing. Small details are harder to see when you’re looking through the little screen on your camera.

Be sure to check tablecloths, dishes, wine corks/bottle tops, and even reflections in glasses. If you’re eating out, you’ll also want to check things like menu covers.

What to do if you find logos? Your options are to turn them, hide them behind other objects, remove them, or use a wide aperture opening to blur them out.

You could also change your camera angle. In the photo below on the left do you see the small logo embroidered on the placemat? In the photo on the right, simply changing the camera angle fixed the problem in time for the next course.

Photographing festive meals is a fun way to add some holiday cheer to your stock photo portfolios. Just watch out for those sneaky little logos and you’ll be all set!

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