Why Were These Photos Rejected?


Your friends and family like your photos. You like your photos. But when you send them to a stock agency, you think: This is it. Someone’s going to tell me once and for all if my photos are good… or bad.

But it’s not about good or bad.

When it comes to selling photos as stock, it’s about three things:

  • Usefulness to designers and photo buyers
  • Technical quality
  • Specific agency guidelines

Last week, I asked you to send me your stock photo “rejects.” All of the images I got are great, but they were all rejected from stock agencies.

Most images get rejected for the same few reasons, and many of those reasons are undetectable unless you’re viewing your photos at full-size. So let’s do that now.

Watch the video here. 

Once you get into the pattern of taking and submitting images to stock agencies, you start to get a good feel for what’s going to be accepted or rejected. And at that point, you’ll realize: Wow, stock photography is helping me grow as a photographer!

… a great side-benefit to all of this.

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