Where to find the hottest stock trends


If you want to be successful as a stock photographer, you need to do two things:

  • Upload new photos regularly
  • Create content buyers are looking for

It really is that simple. These are the two most important ingredients to stock photo success.

So how do you know what types of photos buyers are looking for?

Let me introduce you to Shutterstock’s “Shot List.” It’s an amazing resource for stock photographers, because every month they put together a handy list of their most requested and trending content. 

You don’t have to be a member of Shutterstock to read it, and I recommend checking it every month to stay on top of what stock photo buyers are looking for.

Shutterstock knows what they’re talking about. They just announced that collectively, their contributors have reached 1 Billion dollars in royalty payouts. That’s pretty dang impressive.

There’s money to be made with stock photography. You just have to make a plan, commit to adding new photos to your portfolio, and be a little strategic.

And you’ll get loads of tips and strategy in our new, 2020 Hot Stock Trends Guide. You can’t buy it anywhere, but Snap & Sell Photo Club members will get it for free when it comes out next week. It’s your inside line to taking photos that sell and making more sales in the months ahead.

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