You don’t need me to do this!


Every so often, I get a cautious comment from a reader who isn’t sure what to do next. Like this one:

“I have a lot of photography that has been praised highly. I would love to do something with it and make a little money. But everyone wants money upfront and my husband has extreme reservations as we’ve been duped several times. The value of online deals [is that] there are a lot of possibilities. The drawback – not everyone is as honest or as good as they sound.”

So true. We’ve gotten so used to getting the run-around by our phone and cable companies, among others, that it’s hard to know who to trust.

But you don’t actually need to buy anything to sell your photos online.

Want to know the fastest way to get started as a stock photographer?

Start submitting photos to stock agencies!

Will they reject a few of them? Most likely, yes.

But that is just part of the process. And it will happen either way!

The benefit is that they (usually) give you a reason why. So, you can look at the photos you submitted, learn from what they told you, and find something new to submit.

Is it a little confusing at first? Yes.

But you can start with just one agency, give it a few hours, read through their instructions on the site, and figure it out.

Do you need me? Nope!

You really don’t!

You can do this on your own. And if you’re at all unsure whether becoming a Snap & Sell Photo Club member will help – then start with all of the free tips and articles on the Snap & Sell Photo Club website under the “blog” link at the top.

I *can* make it quicker, easier, and more fun by leading you through it and giving you feedback so you can build your skills as you go.

I’m here to root for you… to give you specific steps to follow… to share monthly Challenges and give you feedback to help you build your photography skills and become successful at this. But you can also do this on your own – and I believe that.

Though it probably won’t be as fun… ;D

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