Month: February 2021

Breathe new life into older photos

By James Good | February 28, 2021 | 0 Comments
Selling Photos

Picture this: You go on a trip (remember those?) or attend an interesting event, and like most photographers, you get the “one more shot” syndrome and take hundreds of images from different angles. Next thing you know, as you upload all your files on your computer, you realize that you’ve accumulated a massive collection of […]

Calling all procrastinators!

By James Good | February 21, 2021 | 0 Comments
Stock Images

According to our reader survey at the end of last year, many of you mentioned struggling with getting started and needing procrastination remedies for your stock photography. If it’s any relief, know that you are not alone. Our brain is programmed to procrastinate and has an easier time processing the concrete rather than abstract. I […]

Taking a peek at 2021’s favorite colors

By James Good | February 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

Last week we talked about some simple ways to keep an eye on stock photography trends. If you missed it, you can catch up here. Another big driver of visual trends is the annual announcement of the “Color of the Year” by the Pantone Color Institute. For 2021, they chose not just one, but TWO […]

Almost as good as a crystal ball…

By James Good | February 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

One of the beautiful things about stock photography is that you are free to photograph whatever you want. You could take a photo of your dog or a plate of cookies and offer it for sale. There is no one telling you what to shoot or how your photos should look. However, since clients aren’t […]